Offering #1
Campfire Conversations Experience
$2,500 for 25 people
DESCRIPTION: This 2-3 hour experience gives your team an opportunity to remove their “masks”, have meaningful conversations and connect in a “tech-free” environment. Participants will take part in interactive games, small group discussions and will connect with activities that make them reflect on the big, deep questions of life and allow them to practise emotional courage through sharing stories. It’s not about holding hands, singing kumbaya, and “talking about our feelings”! It’s about connecting human to human instead of title to title. THIS IS PERFECT FOR: Fast-growing companies Onboarding new teams members fast Opening activity for company retreats OBJECTIVES + OUTCOMES: Create trust, which will increase engagement and productivity Increase wellbeing and happiness of employees by feeling valued and appreciated Better communication & collaboration by practising empathy and improving storytelling skills Creating a culture of authenticity, trust and belonging at work
Offering #3
Deep Team Dinner
Offering #2
LevelUP - Authentic Networking Workshop
DESCRIPTION People attend conferences not for the content, but to connect with people in person. So next time your members / attendees come together, don’t just sit and wait, hoping that networking will happen automatically. Unliked typical networking events LevelUP focuses on creating real connections through activities that help people get out of their comfort zone, sincerely connect and find ways to support each other. When we lead with generosity and genuinely want to support others, we create stronger connections and professional friendships that last a life-time. OBJECTIVE + OUTCOMES Break down barriers for attendees Create meaningful connections Facilitate collaboration Teach authentic networking skills


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