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Bringing Sustainability Home

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Being on board the sustainability train can be hard if your community isn’t ready to hop on yet.

In Bringing Sustainability Home, Earthy Sisters will guide your team to make simple changes in their daily routine to adopt a green lifestyle. From the cleaning products we use to what’s in our fridge, this workshop will provide simple solutions to a seemingly difficult journey.

Throughout this webinar, the group will discuss ways you can introduce eco-friendly practices to your home life, and how to plant seeds in the minds of your community to empower them to take steps to creating a sustainable journey.

Bringing Sustainability Home with Earthy Sisters

How It Works

  • To begin this 60-minute workshop, the facilitators will briefly discuss the problem with climate change, plastic, and how we bring these issues into our homes (about 15 minutes).

  • The group will then spend 30 minutes discussing ways to bring sustainability into our homes (products to avoid - chemicals, DIYs to start making, composting, plastic, greenwashing, etc.).

  • The webinar comes to a close with a 15-minute Q&A period.

  • Optional add-on (additional cost): Make a DIY product as a group. Examples: all-purpose cleaner, hand-sanitizer, wet wipes, body scrub, no-sew reusable bag, and more!

Additional Materials Required

  • Zoom Video App


Earthy Sisters are a sister duo offering online and offline sustainability and eco-friendly education to corporate teams. Combining their experience in teaching, business, and environmental management with their passion for conscious living, Earthy sisters focus on creating community and simple actions to reduce our ecological footprints.

“We worked with Earthy Sisters to organize a presentation to our staff. Lexi and Sarah were such an easy team to work with and are so knowledgeable! Our staff enjoyed the workshop and took home many tips and ideas to reduce our waste and overall footprint. Thanks Earthy Sisters!”

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Bringing Sustainability Home


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