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Playback Theatre Performance

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In a Playback Theatre Performance, audience members are invited to share stories and watch as Branch Out Theatre’s actors and musician play them back on the spot!

This interactive form of improvisational theatre, movement, storytelling and music serves to motivate self-expression, team building, empathy, and catharsis as audiences recognize and learn from the diversity and universality of their experiences.

Playback Theatre Performance With Branch Out Theatre

How It Works

  • Branch Out Theatre will work with you to choose the theme of the performance.

  • Audience members will be instructed to set their zoom settings so they are solely viewing our performers for a true performance experience! Actors will welcome audience members with a song and offer an introduction to playback theatre.

  • The audience will then be invited to share their stories based on the determined theme. With each audience member who wishes to share, they'll be invited to turn on their video and audio so their colleagues can see and hear them. This participant will remain onscreen as the actors and musician re-enact their story through improvisation, music, storytelling and movement.

  • Stories of all kinds that reflect upon the theme are welcome. Example: stories based on the present moment, stories of frustration, stories of support, stories reflecting what it's like to work together in this new way, etc. Whatever the story is, it will be brought to life with charisma, sensitivity and joy.

  • At the end of the show, your team can share what they have taken away from the experience and Branch Out Theatre’s performers will aim to re-enact all the responses.

  • Everyone is then invited to turn their videos back on, reach out and make a connection and share a smile across the screen to close the event.

Additional Materials Required

  • Zoom Video App


Led by Naomi Tessler, Branch Out Theatre co-creates popular theatre workshops and productions that facilitate, motivate, and inspire team engagement, creative play, critical reflection, personal and collective transformation, and set the stage to rehearse towards systems change.

Their workshops co-create the space for re-awakening imagination and enacting change through improvisation, cooperative theatre games, movement, storytelling, role-play and more!

"I really enjoyed the virtual playback show! All the performers do so much with the stories and the space. I truly appreciate the work you do in bringing people together, keeping people connected, and transforming narratives."
Audience Member
"In This Together" A Virtual Playback Performance

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Playback Theatre Performance


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