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DRŌM's Virtual Team Energizer

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Reduce stress and have fun by focusing on the breath, moving to engage the body and brain, and calm the mind while being still…all at your desk!

Using music, movement, rhythms and mindfulness, DRŌM Practice‘s Virtual Team Energizer will increase energy, productivity and motivation and bring awareness to the present moment.

A perfect add on to any meeting or schedule as a fun team activity to break up long periods of sitting or learning.

DROM Virtual Team Energizer

How It Works

  • The exercise begins with participants getting grounded using breathing techniques.

  • Participants then start moving by drumming on their desk, following rhythms instructed by Val Shah.

  • The exercise ends with a short meditation to reflect and gather your thoughts.

  • Even though it is virtual, seeing others on the screen and contributing to a unified rhythm is a powerful experience. It's fun, easy, and very inspiring to get people moving in a unique way.

  • Multi-session packages are available to intersperse between a full day or use over a period of time.

Additional Materials Required

  • Zoom Video App


Designed by Val Shah, DRŌM Practice is a unique combination of drumming and meditation to energize, relieve stress, bring clarity, and foster confidence. It’s a practice that combines movement and mindfulness to stimulate your body and brain, while giving you tools for being calm and present. As part of a meeting or large conference, DRŌM will quickly engage, motivate, and inspire participants.

"Participating in a DRŌM class, is an experience unlike any other. Not only does the fast paced movements of the dance-like choreography of drumming quicken the heart rate and activate muscle movement, the mental therapy of keeping with the beat and hearing the drum clears my mind of my worries and everyday stress and leaves only space for fun, rhythm and focus on the movement and sound. Val is so welcoming to all participants, new or returning; her passion and energy is contagious."
Emily Backewich
Implementation Specialist, Sun Life Financial

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DRŌM’s Virtual Team Energizer


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