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From Mindfulness to Mindlessness: How to Find Peace While Moving Through Turbulence

With Joshua Zuchter and IN Lifestyle Events

2 hours


minimum 5 people






Mindfulness and mindlessness have become powerful tools for creating positive change within organizations and achieving increased productivity and results in all aspects of work and life.

Led by Executive Coach and Speaker, Joshua Zuchter, IN Lifestyle’s Mindfulness to Mindlessness will provide participants and team members with a range of tools and techniques for converting turbulent, uncertain and busy minds to more peaceful, productive and focused ones.

From Mindfulness to Mindlessness

How It Works

  • To begin, facilitator Joshua Zuchter will teach participants a method for releasing fear, anxiety, anger, and negative emotion nearly instantly.

  • The group will then explore one of the most powerful and effective forms of meditation as well as other tools related to living in the present moment.

  • Finally, teams will learn how to engage a peaceful and calm state of mind amidst turbulence and with anyone present.

  • Groups of 5-15 Participants: Format includes live and dynamic interaction and discussion connecting aspects that peak individual interest and awareness. The goal is an engaging, personable, authentic experience through a virtual platform.

  • Groups of 16+ Participants: Format is non-interactive until near the end of the event for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Additional Materials Required

  • Paper and Pen
  • Zoom Video App
  • Quiet Space


Joshua Zuchter is a Master Specialist in understanding the human mind, behaviour, communication, and relationship dynamics and how they all work together. Described as an inspirational speaker with a dynamic and engaging presence, Joshua is a unique blend of empowerment and enlightenment and has given over 1000 keynotes, seminars, teleclasses and workshops for corporations, organizations, and associations both nationally and internationally.

“Our organization has been working with Joshua for over two years now. He leads monthly training sessions for managers and staff, as well as coaches our Directors in one-on-one sessions. Our team members now communicate positively with each other, resolve conflicts easily and quickly, cooperate with each other and truly support and appreciate each other. This has resulted in a highly productive, creative, positive, happy, fun, intuitive and focused team that works effectively! We continue to appreciate Joshua and his workshops for moving us to higher levels.”
Helen Harakas
Executive Director, Brands for Canada

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From Mindfulness to Mindlessness: How to Find Peace While Moving Through Turbulence


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