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Teamwork PLAYshop

With FUNdamentals of Play

1 – 3 Hours


8 – 100 people






FUNdamentals of Play’s experiential workshops teach modern day business skills through the power of PLAY! The Teamwork PLAYshop trains groups to use positivity, connection and communication as keys to building successful teams and relationships.

Teamwork Playshop

How It Works

  • Intro

    The facilitator will welcome your team, explain how the group will learn (through mindfulness, facilitation, and engagement), and provide an overview of the FUNdamentals of Play Rules. The group will then partake in grounding exercises and quick icebreakers to warm up the mind and body.

  • Positivity

    Your team will explore gratitude and appreciation, the Critical Positivity Ratio, and the benefits of positivity. This is followed by a group share where you will discuss how you can apply these lessons and work and home. Sample Games: 7 Things, Story Builderz, Yes Let’s, Trifecta

  • Connect and Engage

    The group learns what is considered a valuable Interaction (quality over quantity) and learns about ACR (Active Constructive Response). Your team will then discuss what areas in your work you can apply ACR and what everyone can to create more team engagement. Sample Games: Askhole, 3 Noses, You Are Not Alone

  • Communicating Effectively

    The facilitator delves into effective communication by exploring listening with intention, non-verbal communication, empathy, and thoughtful action. Sample Games: First/Last, Question Game, Broken Charades, 21, Mirror Dance

  • Achievement

    The group will explore Give and Take (‘Otherish’), identifying your strengths and using them to lead in innovative ways, smart but meaningful goals and more. Sample Games: Snapshotz, Dubbed Movie, Shapemakers, Solvers

  • Closing Remarks

    The group recaps on the lessons learned and reflects on the major takeaways they can now apply to their everyday life.

Additional Materials Required

  • Zoom Video App


FUNdamentals of Play facilitates fun and experiential workshops (aka PLAYshops!) that focus on the main factors that allow teams to thrive: positivity, teamwork and creativity.

Using improv games, positive psychology and art-based activities, PLAYshops help teams enhance modern day business skills such as empathy, storytelling and failure.

"PLAYshops changed our team! Not only did everyone's performance improve, but they laugh more, work more as a team, help one another, and the gratitude that they show is beyond my expectations. The positivity in the office is undeniably the best its ever been! They don't fear obstacles now, they love the challenge and celebrate together playing games from PLAYshop when they have overcome them. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Play and especially Luis as a facilitator. Change the way your employees think and have some fun!"
Cassandra Harvey
North American Sales Manager, Intrepid Travel

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Teamwork PLAYshop


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