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Yes, And: A Team Building Playshop

With Branch Out Theatre



6-100 PEOPLE


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Yes, And: A Team Building Playshop is an energizing workshop that will activate creativity, collaboration, and positive reinforcement for remote teams. Through improvisation, interactive games, and rehearsing heart-centered communication, this Branch Out Theatre workshop unites individuals to play together as a connected, empowered, and revitalized team.

Yes, And: A Team Building Playshop With Branch Out Theatre

How It Works

  • Throughout the workshop, Branch Out Theatre facilitator, Naomi Tessler, will create a supportive atmosphere and invite participants to express themselves creatively and work through courageous conversations using movement, sound, and improvisation-based collaboration.

  • To begin, participants will be invited to reach out across the screen and make a connection with a colleague, then they'll be invited to make silly faces to share how they're doing.

  • The group will be guided through different icebreakers such as mirroring, leading and following a partner through movement or passing a mime ball “across the screen” to a colleague. After each game/exercise, we'll take time to collectively reflect upon the experience and draw connections to the theme of team building within the workplace.

  • Next is a group storytelling exercise where participants are invited to master the art of "Yes, And…" - learning to tell a story together by acknowledging, appreciating, and accepting everyone's contributions, and building upon them with each participant's own creative ideas.

  • Small groups will then use breakout rooms to work on role-play scenarios representing conflicting conversations in the workplace. We'll then return to the main room to present each scenario. During each presentation, the audience will be invited to 'stop' the action of the scenario and role-play an intervention that helps transform the conflicting conversation into a courageous conversation using heart-centred communication.

  • The workshop closes with a playful, harmonizing game, inviting everyone to mime a gift they want to offer the group to symbolize their contribution to the team.

Additional Materials Required

  • Zoom Video App


Led by Naomi Tessler, Branch Out Theatre co-creates popular theatre workshops and productions that facilitate, motivate, and inspire team engagement, creative play, critical reflection, personal and collective transformation, and set the stage to rehearse towards systems change.

Their workshops co-create the space for re-awakening imagination and enacting change through improvisation, cooperative theatre games, movement, storytelling, role-play and more!

"Branch Out Theatre's online workshop on zoom was wonderful! I enjoyed every moment of it. I felt connected to everyone and even though we are all on our own screens, the workshop felt intimate. It was a strong workshop and I'd definitely recommend it."

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Yes, And: A Team Building Playshop


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