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Boutique hotels available in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, Muskoka, Niagara Falls, Prince Edward County, Hamilton, Southwestern Ontario, Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Simcoe Region and The Kawarthas!

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Once a corporate retreat reaches a certain number of attendees, cottages and chalets are no longer a viable option for an overnight stay. But just because you need hotel-sized accommodations doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the experience.

Enter Boutique Hotels – the perfect blend of uniqueness, quality service, and exclusivity.

Generally located in low profile or up and coming areas, boutique hotels present teams with an opportunity to travel to less frequented destinations for a new experience full of discovery and exploration. Unlike a large hotel chain, these distinctive venues are independently run, with the owners making it a priority to stay true to the history and culture of its surroundings. Boutique hotels also stay away from the cookie-cutter look and feel, adding great detail and stylization to ensure each room is different from the next.

Typically holding anywhere from 10 to 60 guest rooms, boutique hotels offer the same high level of service and convenience as large hotel chains but with a personalized touch. Staff members are on site to help plan, coordinate, and problem solve, all while understanding the specific needs of your group. 

When compared to a cottage or chalet, boutique hotels offer more individual privacy, which may be better suited for groups less acquainted with each other. When available, boutique hotels can accommodate full buy-outs to create the same exclusive, customized experience as a cottage, chalet, or mansion.

Overall, boutique hotels are one-of-a-kind venues that inspire creativity while still providing groups with comfort and convenience.


With the same high levels of service and comfort, boutique hotels separate themselves through style, with each emitting a distinct feel to its guests.

Discover the differences between Thematic, Cottage-Style, and Traditional-Style boutique hotels and explore Retreatify-approved venues below.


Thematic boutique hotels are full of character, with a consistent theme that spreads throughout the entire venue. Following a very artistic aesthetic that often reflects the tastes of the owners, each room is individualized with beautiful decor to stimulate a variety of personalities. This whimsical style allows groups to experience an area in a new light while crafting unique meeting spaces that are sure to inspire your team. 

Welcome to the Arlington Hotel, a one-of-a-kind stay in Paris, ON that blends refined hotel comfort, impeccable service, culinary excellence, and a timeless world of rich experiences. Each of the venue’s 23 rooms are created with comfort and tranquility in mind while their unique decor and furnishings evoke the personality and spirit history’s greatest authors and creative minds.

Built in 1878 in the heart of Prince Edward County, Merrill House has been restored to its Victorian glory as a magnificent, stately home imbued with art and intellectual interiors. Enjoy the ultimate in personal service, modern technology, and luxurious amenities as you indulge your senses in contemporary art, fine antiques and artifacts, French cuisine, and a meticulously curated wine collection.

With a penchant for great wine and good vibes, The June Motel is a hip 16-room motel with a curated menu of services designed to make your stay in Prince Edward County unforgettable. It’s vintage design pays homage to motels of the 60’s while reinventing the motel experience for today’s millennial generation. 


Cottage-Style boutique hotels offer the same laid back feel of cottages but on a larger scale and with plenty of onsite assistance to remove added stress and responsibility for team members. With a healthy mix of traditional guest rooms and chalet-like units, guests can get the ultimate feel of exclusivity even if you don’t do a full-buyout of the property.

Often located in popular cottage destinations, cottage-style boutique hotels offer equipment and on site facilitators to help your group take full advantage of the nearby lakes and forests. These types of boutique hotels also feature a main building that houses meeting spaces and activity facilities in a variety of sizes.

An all season cottage resort and conference facility only 90 minutes from Toronto, Elmhirst’s Resort’s 30 cottages sit on 240 acres of forest, waterfront, and trails. Apart from the many onsite recreational amenities such as swimming pools, a full spa, and water activities, groups can also take advantage of the venue’s facilitated team activities like wine tastings, cardboard boat building, and gourmet campfires.

Windermere House is an iconic Victorian landmark that has proudly stood over Lake Rosseau since 1870. With a total of 56 rooms and suites guests can reserve their stay in the main house or enjoy one of their luxurious beachfront cottages. Whether your getaway includes relaxing at the spa, indulging in water sports, or stargazing by the campfire, Windermere House caters to those who seek comfort, style, and a quintessential Muskoka experience. 


Also considered inns and small-scale resorts, traditional-style boutique hotels offer groups a luxurious stay while using their unique surroundings to set themselves apart. Located on vineyards, farms, and other distinctive settings,  traditional-style boutique hotels take advantage of their backyard to offer site specific activities such as winery tours, vegetable foraging, cooking classes and more.

The Inn at Huff Estates is an elegant country accommodation located adjacent to Huff Estates Winery and nestled amongst the vines. The staff aims to create a unique destination that not only provides fantastic wine, but also great food, fine art, and luxurious accommodations for an everlasting experience.


Boutique hotels often have deep connections with their community and environment. Because of this, they provide unparalleled activities that tap into the hotel’s knowledge of the region’s culture and history. 

Facilitated by local artisans, guides, and activity providers, participants receive an authentic experience that the majority have never engaged in before. By immersing themselves in their surroundings, groups create a personal connection with the area for lasting memories to share.

If you are searching for specific activities that your boutique hotel may not offer, Retreatify’s mobile experience providers can easily bring their corporate-approved services to you for a well-rounded offsite.


Ideal for evening socials and dinner gatherings, boutique hotels feature on site restaurants, bars, lounges, and pubs that guests can take advantage of. Often serving not just hotel guests but the local community as well, these establishments have respected executive chefs running their kitchens as they strive to create a high-quality culinary experience.

With smaller capacities and cooking staff, boutique hotels can easily adapt their menus to highlight seasonal and local ingredients while also accommodating personal requests and dietary restrictions.

If you want to immerse yourself further in the community, you can always visit the many nearby restaurants that are locally owned and an extension of the area’s culture.


In general, boutique hotels offer eccentric and visually appealing spaces to hold meetings and gatherings during corporate retreats and offsites. From libraries and studies, to lounges and patios, these spots are sure to elevate your team’s creative thinking skills.

However, don’t feel like you have to hold all of your meetings and sessions on site. Unlike large hotel chains that tie their accommodations to meeting space use and minimum food and beverage spends, boutique hotels are more willing to allow the use of alternative venues. 

Because boutique hotels are often located in novel areas, there are some really interesting and unconventional venues nearby that can serve as a substitute for meeting spaces. Historic theatres, ski lodges, victorian mansions, and trendy restaurants are just a few examples of how to take advantage of your surroundings when staying at a boutique hotel.


Pricing for boutique hotels is typically based on a nightly rate per room.

For corporate groups, boutique hotels offer room blocks, which is when guests reserve multiple rooms (typically 10+) at a discounted group rate. When booking room blocks, there are some additional details to consider which you can read more about below.


When you reserve a room block, hotel management expects the majority of these reserved rooms to be filled. However, because they understand unpredicted circumstances can affect attendance numbers, there is typically an attrition rate included in the contract which outlines the percentage of rooms in your block that need to be filled in order to avoid paying a penalty. As boutique hotels are privately owned, there is often more flexibility if your attendance numbers change as long as you keep communications open throughout the process.

If you are interested in booking a room block, be sure to know the total number of attendees invited, an estimate of how many are likely to attend, and your venue’s attrition rates and penalty fee so you can include it as part of your contingency plan.

With features like room service, onsite bars and restaurants, and incidental fees, there is potential for guests to spend above what is planned for the function at a boutique hotel. Sometimes the planner has budgeted for this, but if they have note, they will rely on the group member to cover their excess charges. So there are no surprises upon check-out, it is helpful to explain to your team what additional fees will be charged to the company and what will be charged to the guest.

If you can’t do a full buyout at a boutique hotel, it is helpful to know that your use of the venue may be more limited, especially when it comes to common areas such as lobbies, studies, restaurants, etc.

If you wish to use these spaces for meetings, activities, or social gatherings during your stay, we suggest communicating with the hotel staff in advance so that you can try to reserve these spaces. It is also courteous to inform your team that other guests not a part of your group will be staying at the boutique hotel and to be respectful of their experience.

Boutique hotels typically feature bars and restaurants where guests can enjoy themselves after a day of meetings and activities. To ensure your team’s safety, it is important to have a plan is in place to maintain the flow of alcohol during the event and remind guests to know their limits.

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