How it works.

Our goal is to create a seamless experience tailored to simplify the entire trip planning process. 

With a curated selection of fully-equipped retreat venues and Add-Ons, we can supply everything your group needs to make each stay truly memorable.

You describe.

Tell us what's important to your team - location, venue style, dates, Add-Ons, early check-in, and anything else.

We recommend.

Based on your specific needs, we'll recommend the best available venue(s).

You choose.

Either book instantly, or, if you need time to get internal sign-off, we can place a 5-day hold on a venue that piques your interest.

You select Add-Ons.

Add-ons (optional) include catering, transportation, groceries upon arrival, private chef, on-site yoga, massage, cooking classes, and more!

Your team enjoys.

We provide all the information you need well before departure day to give you full peace of mind.

We make returning a breeze.

Retreatify has been designed to let your team come back with ease - whether you'd like to re-book the same venue and Add-Ons, or try something new - it can all be done quickly and efficiently.

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