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Mindfulness 101

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Mindfulness meditation is the fastest-growing wellness activity in North America. Peak WellnessMindfulness 101 is the perfect introductory session for beginners but also caters to experts and skeptics! This corporate wellness class covers the basics of mindfulness meditation and closes with a live, guided meditation to reduce stress.

Notably, our sessions are specially designed for corporate clients. No crystals or chakras here! Just simple, humourous and informative content. We also have a background in standup comedy and know how to keep the audience engaged.

Mindfulness 101 with Peak Wellness

How It Works

  • This presentation features a discussion around what mindfulness actually means as well as other ways to practice mindfulness - without having to sit at the top of a mountain! Participants come away with a refreshed mind, a better understanding of mindfulness meditation, and actionable steps to begin or continue their practice long after the session is over.

  • Sessions can be delivered via Zoom or using your internal conferencing tool - we're flexible!

  • Available in 40, 60, or 90-minute sessions, with 60-minutes being the most popular option.

  • Custom programming is available, but here is the typical session breakdown:
    - 20% Mini-Meditation to open the session
    - 40% Presentation on the topic & tools provided
    - 40% Closing guided meditation

  • Each session features chat group discussions, live Q&A functionality, and engaging polls.

  • Worksheets will be provided in advance to enhance the effectiveness of the session.

Additional Materials Required

  • Chair to sit


Base fee of CAD$490 for up to 100 attendees.

Custom pricing over 100 participants.

Mindfulness 101 with Peak Wellness


Peak Wellness develops impactful corporate wellness training that is focused on evidence-based practices proven to reduce burnout, lower stress, and increase productivity.

Peak Wellness’ expertise lies in mindfulness meditation and chair yoga and they are dedicated to creating mindful workplaces across North America.

"As the isolation and work from home measures were put in place, I really appreciated Peak Wellness adjusting the material to be more appropriate and useful during these times of higher stress and uncertainty. It was an absolute pleasure having Kayla help us and provide us with the tools to remain mindful going forward. I'd highly recommend her and Peak Wellness."
Katie Carpenter
Asset Manager, Great West Life Realty Advisors

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Mindfulness 101


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